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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

06 March 2011

Jenny and I went on holiday...

Last month Jenny and I went for a 3 day trip to Sydney, Australia - it's a 3 hour flight across the Tasman. We left behind husband, kids, work and responsibility and celebrated our new post-band lives. Here's Jenny at Manly beach (just after we had managed to share a piece of fish and half a scoop of chips by the beach)...check out those collarbones, Jenny!
Here I am ready to hit the town and go and see the Michael Buble concert - which was fabulous. If I ever leave my darling husband (not going to happen - he's a keeper), and Michael ditches the Argentinian actress, we are definitely going to be an item.

And just to show we are definitely not model bandsters - here's lunch at the Lindt cafe - not only a mochachino but also a teeny weeny chocolate sundae!!!! Ice cream is always easy to eat. We were on holiday, after all...

We had a fabulous time and I definitely noticed how much more energy I had walking around all day with less weight and it was hot and humid and I definitely didn't suffer as much in the heat as I used to. Need to plan our next trip, now.