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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

30 June 2010

Patience is a virtue

I know I need to be patient but I am tired of this plateau - make it stop!! I've been eating fairly well, although the band isn't as tight it's definitely at or close to green zone most days. But still no losses - I think I need to get into exercise. I have been very sporadic in my exercise effort lately so once we get back from our brief break in the middle of next week I will get back to pump and spin - I've written it down now, so I'll have to do it!!

It's full-on winter here (a high of 9 degrees Celsius today) and I am colder this winter than I remember being before (admittedly it's 20 years since I weighed what I do now for more than a day). I kept complaining that this was the coldest winter ever and then realised it's not the winter - it's me! So I keep on piling on the layers...rather slim and cold than warm and, um, "not-slim" (or is that "fluffy"?).

26 June 2010


I see we have 47 followers - exciting! Thanks for Debi at for the mention!

I am following the pattern of a week of small losses followed by a plateau but it's all good - I'm down 21 kilos - that's 46 pounds (which sounds like more!!). I definitely have restriction - now I need to work with the restriction by not trying to keep on eating when I'm feeling full - I know it's a head hunger thing so I'm working on that one.

It's 11.45 am here and so far today I've had a coffee - and I'm just starting to think I may need something to eat - maybe some scrambled eggs, which I love and are definitely a go-to food for me when the band is tight.

It's a bleak winter's day here so we're having a quiet family day at home - may head out later to grab some food for lunch tomorrow (we're having friends over) - trying to decide on something band-friendly.

Hope everyone is having a good day out there in band-land.

24 June 2010


I am still amazed at how unpredictable my band can be. For the last month or so I have been getting a bit hungrier and I have been able to eat a bit more of almost everything. I am seeing the nurse tomorrow and was planning to have a teeny tiny 0.1ml fill (no more big fills for me after the nasty Easter way-too-tight experience..). So just when you think you know how much restriction you have - along comes a day like yesterday! After being able to eat a butter chicken curry (not the rice) and a cheese naan for lunch on Tuesday, I could barely eat a thing yesterday... I seemed to have trouble with almost everything all day even protein bars.. it's so strange! And of course I was at an all day workshop with 20 other people and we were supposed to have a shared working lunch... I nibbled some bits but could feel the sliming start... not good. I managed to not deposit any of my nibbled lunch on the table but it was a bit touch and go for a while.

I am still planning to have the small fill - it's been 2 months since my last one and apart from yesterday I feel it is the right time. My weight loss has been very slow - 100grams at a time. It would be nice to see a big drop all at once but I guess as long as the trend is down it is fine.

On the plus side I have had heaps and heaps of comments from people recently about how "fabulous I am looking"..! It always brings a smile to my face.. I am sooooo happy about this band! It's amazing how many of them really think it might just be a new haircut which has made me look different! Still perhaps it is good that they didn't immediately think that I used to be a whale and now I'm more of a sealion!

It was great to see Maree last week and we had fun doing some clothes shopping as well - feels great to be able to buy clothes in a "normal" shop. And there seems to be lots of things that fit... so as Maree kept reminding me, these days there's no need to buy it just because it fits - there'll be plenty of choice elsewhere!

In keeping with the trend of unpredictability - after keeping my band fairly private and secret for the last 7 months, I seem to be telling almost everyone about it lately. They comment on how well I am looking and ask how I have done it - and I just can't seem to help myself - out it comes "I've got a lapband - best thing I have ever done!" As I have said before, I want people to know that it is not that I have just been lazy for the last 20 years or that I haven't ever tried to lose weight before, but I couldn't do it without this tool! Some are clearly surprised, some want to know more (and some really really need to know more!) and some seem shocked - again some of the reactions are unpredictable! Makes life interesting anyway!

18 June 2010

Random thoughts on a Friday

Friday morning and I don't have any coherent plan for this post so here are my random thoughts:

1. On the way to work I stop and get a coffee (regular flat white - an antipodean coffee speciality with a strong shot and milk - not fluffy though, more like a latte but stronger) - I love the smell of that coffee and as part of my aim to try to enjoy each day, when I get to my desk I take off the lid and just smell the coffee (literally, I am "waking up and smelling the coffee" - I am soooo funny).

2. I also love that the baristas at the coffee place know my order and my name - we are all members of the community of coffee addicts.

3. Last night I met Jenny for a wine and dinner - she was here for work. We had a great time. She is looking fabulous and we're both feeling great. When I say "dinner" I may be stretching the definition - we both ate half an entree (that's an appetizer, not a main meal - why is that different in the US?) then shared a dessert.

4. Today we're going to meet with the architect (again!!) to try to decide the scale of our renovations. The quotes for our first plans were crazy high so we're scaling back the plans - all a little unsettling and I just want to magically be finished and have the house as it looks in my imagination.

5. I have had some small losses this week so it's good to get the scale going again - also had another small fill yesterday (.1 ml) - feeling pretty good about where the band is right now.

6. I am at work so better actually do some work...

10 June 2010

Plateau again

I am on one of my usual plateaus - but I know it won't last and I'm not gaining so I'll just keep with the plan and trust that things will start moving again. I'm concentrating on eating protein and not carbs - have discovered Atkins Endulge bars with only a few grams of carbs if I need a sweet fix. Otherwise life is trucking along - winter has hit with a vengeance - it's rained 28 out of the last 32 days here!! Sick of it. Would love a warm mid winter holiday to look forward to (Fiji appeals) but that may be unrealistic if we go ahead with our major renovations (which of course have skyrocketed in price) - ahhh, decisions, decisions - a garage or sunshine?!

Chicken drumsticks and vegetables for dinner tonight (and rice for the rest of the family). Smelling good in the oven...

I see we now have 40 followers - exciting!

07 June 2010

I hope the hair loss stops soon.... I don't fancy being bald!

Every morning for the last few months the bathroom tiled floor has resembled a hairy carpet.... my hair! It's very disturbing - I don't think the bald look will be very flattering on me. I have searched lots of your blogs for other people's stories about their hair falling out when they have lost weight and it's comforting to know that it is not just me (or Maree) - but I'm still concerned about how much hair seems to come out each day. I'm almost scared to brush it and washing it is even worse! Several people have said it lasted till 9 or 10 months post surgery for them... cripes that means I still have another 2 or 3 months to go! I can see a wardrobe full of headscarves and hats coming if it goes on that long. I went to the hairdresser the other day for a regular cut and she noticed my hair was very dry and fragile.... she even recommended a special shampoo and conditioner made for "mature and fragile hair". She said it would "plump up my hair" - not something I usually want to do to any of my body parts! And of course I bought it - at an outrageous cost compared to my usual supermarket products - but I now have old lady's hair... and I'm a bit freaked out about that. I guess I am lucky I have always had lots of hair, it has always been very thick, because otherwise I suspect there would have been shiny patches of scalp showing through by now! I hope all of you out there in band-land can reassure me that this is just temporary.... my hair has usually been the one part of my body which has not failed me before. If not, perhaps you can point me to some websites with a good range of hats and wigs!!

05 June 2010


1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be - and why?

As we're going into winter (and have had two weeks of rain) I'll say anywhere warm, near a beach - but only if my family can be nearby!

2. How old were you when you got drunk for the first time?

My parents read this blog! Mum and Dad - skip to the next question - I was 17 (not so young) and I'm not sure I was drunk - but definitely tipsy (at a party after a school ball).

3. What was your favourite toy growing up?

Um, I was more of a reader than anything else so I'll say books. If I had to pick a toy it would be a big doll my Mum and Dad brought back from Fiji when I was about 4 - but I used to use her as a patient in my hospital (including putting needles in her arm as a drip - I am a frustrated doctor).

4. What's your favourite season and why?

Easy, summer - love the warmth, swimming, barbecues, sitting outside drinking and chatting....

5. Which blog or comment spoke to you most this week?

Catherine's post about her holiday in New Mexico - just to read how happy she is in her own skin is an inspiration.