Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

05 April 2011

Ticking along if not down.....

Well life is ticking along but my weight loss ticker is not going the way I want it to. I seem to be on an eternal plateau. I guess the main thing to be happy about is that the plateau is so much lower from where I used to hover 18 months ago!! I have just completed my latest personal challenge - cycling 100kms! (that's about 62 miles for those of you who aren't metric). It was a big challenge and it took me around 4 hours and 50 minutes to get from the start to the finish - but I did it and I was thrilled to add that to my list of personal achievements. That time is not a speed record I know (my husband did the ride in 3 hrs 10 mins) but I'm still pretty pleased with my result. The race was called the 100k Flyer - I wished I could fly on a few of the uphills..... oh well - I have a time to beat for next year now. In band news, I had to have an unfil last month after having an unexpected tight week which culminated in me not being able to get anything down - was really odd and happened 3 weeks after a 0.1ml fill. Ended up having to fly down to the clinic and have 0.4mls out before the gurgling stopped and I could actually swallow! Needless to say after everything settled down I have been hungry hungry hungry. I have had 2 tiny re-fills so far but I'm going slow cos I don't want another drama like that. The weight loss over the week when you can't eat looks great but is not real and actually quite depressing when it climbs back up once you start drinking and eating again. Hope everyone is well out there in blogland. We are heading in to winter now here in NZ. Daylight saving ended on Sunday and that is always a bit sad. Will have to find more indoor activities now to keep me out of trouble!