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22 February 2011

Bad blogger - and keeping things in perpsective

I've been a slack blogger - really I haven't had much to say. I'm getting used to having a band now and eating small amounts and don't feel I have much of interest to say. I do still read your blogs - but I've been bad at commenting -I will try harder.

Today in New Zealand we've had a stark reminder of how the extra 2 or 3 kgs I want to lose is not a big deal. Christchurch has had another huge earthquake less than 6 months after a 7.3 shake - this one was smaller but shallower and has caused serious damage and at least 65 people are dead - with many trapped in buildings and many more to be counted, no doubt. It's a shocking situation and I haven't been able to think of anything else or watch anything else on TV since it happened. Fingers crossed for a miracle for those who are trapped.


  1. I just heard about the earthquake and thought of you both, glad that you're safe.
    Really hope that they find lots of survivors.

  2. Hi Alison - the earthquake was felt here in Wellington but no damage. Terrible pictures from Christchurch of collapsed buildings - just praying for miracles overnight now.

  3. We've been glued to the tv too. There's an Aussie woman who has been talking to the reporters from her mobile as she is trapped under her desk under the rubble.


    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Christchurch.

  4. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!!!!!

  5. I've been watching all the news coverage. So sorry about all this. I was in Christchurch exactly 2 years ago on Feb. 22nd, 2009. The news photos showed the steeple had collapsed in Cathedral Square. They are reporting many people have been rescued but so many died. I hope things get better soon. It is devastating and for you to be right there. Just know that the rest of the world is watching and praying for miracles.