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22 October 2009

Pre-op consult - Maree

Today we had a consult with our surgeon. We've both met with the nurse, counsellor and dietitian. Today was the final consult before surgery in 3 weeks. Got our packs from the hospital - and the invoice!! from the surgeon and anaesthetist *gulp*. Here's hoping insurance may pay some of it - if not, I'll just think of it as a trip to Europe!

Surgery is set for Friday 13 (hope that's not a bad omen!) November - we have to be at the hospital at 6.15am. We're going to ask for a shared room - then we can keep each other entertained. One night in hospital is the plan.

I have my Optifast - yum yum! Will start on Monday 2 November. Only 21 sleeps to go now!

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