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30 October 2009

Pre-op diet tales....

So I am on day 4 of my pre-op Optifast diet.... with 14 to go and Yes I am counting! The first day I was so hungry I could have eaten a small child if one had got in my way! Unfortunately I had had a very busy few days prior to D-day and had not done the family shopping so I had to go to the supermarket around 5pm that day. Not recommended when you have had nothing but an Optifast milkshake, a protein bar and 2 litres of water all day. I found myself salivating over a chubby baby in the trolley near me and wondered if the mother would notice if I took a bite!!

The hunger has improved but not entirely abated... however I couldn't resist getting on the scales this morning and was rewarded with a 3.3kg loss in just 3 days. That's a great start and I am determined that I will never need to lose that same weight ever again - I think I have probably passed this point on the scales around 20 times before on the way up and down over the years but this is the last time!

I also had a monster headache on day 3 - something familiar to me when I have done previous low-carb diets. My answer was water and some good drugs. Seems much improved today.

So far my tips for surviving the pre-op diet are: Remind myself it does have an end date; Drink lots of water; Flat whites with trim milk (not quite as good as the real thing but close!); Weight watchers jelly for a "sweet" treat; and Dreaming about the new me!!

Bon Appetit!

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