Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

24 August 2010

Slow but not steady

That's my weight loss - ah, well, at least I'm not gaining. I've never lost weight for 9 months like I've been able to with the band so it's important to focus on that huge positive. Also I now weigh what I did at the end of my first year at university (and that is a long time ago, when hair was big and so were shoulder pads!).

Today I managed to make it back to the gym (again - that's about my 4th attempt at kickstarting my way back to regular exercise). I did a pilates class and I enjoyed it. It was nice to spend some time concentrating on me. We've had sick kids tag teaming each other with new illnesses for the past month and along with being in the middle of a dismal winter, I am tired. I had forgotten how much you concentrate on breathing in pilates and did get a little lightheaded at one point - think I may have been exhaling more than inhaling! Anyway, I feel like I need to do some toning so pilates is a good entry point for me.

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