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10 August 2010

Very restricted

It's been ages since my last fill - sometime in June - but I keep feeling more and more restricted. Today I had a coffee, then 1/4 cup of yoghurt, another coffee and then at 1.30 I was at a lunch meeting. I felt hungry but there were only filled rolls - I ate one thin piece of ham and one small slice of cheese out of a roll - and what followed was an hour of feeling uncomfortable followed by sliming and a PB - delightful - difficult to contribute at a meeting when I was trying not to regurgitate!! Just got home and managed half a protein shake. Very strange, this unpredictable band - just hope this will have an upside of a loss - it's been over a month since my last loss and I am rather tired of this plateau.


  1. Hope the tight restriction doesn't stick around for to long for you.

  2. Thanks, Nikki - just "followed" your blog, too - I've been a little slack lately. Good news is I managed some dinner without problems - fish and mashed potato - about the recommended cupful so feeling better.

  3. I hope you loosen up soon! Being too tight is miserable :(

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