Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

17 September 2010

A loss at long last

Yay! After a month of a plateau I've lost a kilo in the last week. Jenny and I have been keeping each other on the straight and narrow eating-wise and it's taken nearly 3 weeks but it's working. I'm now at my lowest weight as an adult (last time I weighed this I was 19! - which is when mobile phones were bricks and shoulder pads were very large). I'm feeling good. It's Friday night and I'm relaxing with a vino (okay, it's my second). Need to get the kids into bed - if I wait long enough will they just go on their own? Hmmm, I think not. Anyway, I've been a bad blogger but I have been reading your blogs. Very jealous of everyone who's going to Chicago next week but an 18 hour flight is just a little bit ambitious!


  1. Yay, fantastic news. A 3 week plateau is horrible.

  2. Oh go you - the lowest weight since 19? Bloody big congrats - you must be stoked!

  3. That's terrific!!! I'm not going to Chicago either :(. We'll have to keep each other company with our blog posts!