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30 October 2010

Losing again - getting close to goal

I've made a concerted effort this week to eat what I need rather than what I want -you know, use the band rather than try to eat around it. Starting with stopping my post-dinner every night chocolate treats - that's the way to plateau, isn't it! So I'm down 400 grams on my lowest, but more importantly 1.5kg down on the bounceback from that low nearly a month ago. Only 3.7 kg to goal now - and I will weigh what I did when I was 17. It's a year on Monday since I started my pre-op diet and I do not ever want to drink another Optifast again in my life - I was sooo hungry at the beginning of that diet - thank goodness it was only for a couple of weeks. And it was all worth it to read my operation notes which said I had a "nicely floppy" liver - a strange compliment but I'll take it!! I have my one year follow up with my surgeon on Friday - a week early. Had blood taken yesterday. I don't expect too many surprises as I was surprisingly healthy even at my highest weight - never had any problems with blood pressure or cholesterol or diabetes but I think all of that was in the post if I'd continued on the way I was. Anyhow, life is good - our girls went to a birthday party this morning so the darling husband I got to go to brunch together, which was great, just like the old days. I had half a serve of scrambled eggs and a piece of bacon - yum.

Hope everyone is well out in blogland.


  1. You're doing fantastically well, I'm strangely jealous of your floppy liver, wonder if mine was floppy too?

  2. You haven't posted for several weeks and I am glad to see you are back - it certainly helps those of us who are either newly banded or waiting for a confirmed surgery date ( that's me :) ) to hear from people like yourself who offer us words of wisdom :)

  3. You're so close to goal, that's fantastic! Keep up the great work and you'll be there before you know it.

  4. Oh congrats. I totally see you offing that last 3.7 kgs and to get to where you were at 17? Thats insane lol but wonderful.
    I still havent had my blood test done. EEK. I just never seem to get in early enough to it because it clashes with my work start. Hope yours is all good - I expect it will be.

  5. Yeah for a great year. And so close to losing it all. I find these last few lbs/kgs the hardest.