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04 November 2010

Nearly one year on and still making mistakes

What was I thinking? I just went to the supermarket to get some lunch - didn't have a plan which is always a mistake for me. I ordered a toasted ham and cheese sandwich!! Really? What was I thinking?!? I can't eat bread (unless it is a thin piece of toast so crispy it's almost charcoal). But I thought I could eat just toasted, doughy white bread? Duh!

The good news is I got back to my office, took one look at that baby and reality set in. I knew I could never eat it, so I took out the ham and cheese and ate that in small bites and threw the bread away. A lucky escape from a very bad PB, I would say!

But where was my head? Did I forget I had a band? What an idiot.


  1. Its understandable that it could have slipped your mind... I'm still getting used to ordering the right types and portions of food. Its hard breaking a lifetime of habit. V.

  2. Sigh - Ive done the exact same thing - only I managed to get mine down. I do love a toasted sandwich - but youre lucky common sense prevailed. Nothing worse than PBing.. blech :)

  3. Not an idiot - just wishful thinking :-)