Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

02 November 2009

The countdown is on...

11 sleeps to go until surgery! I started Optifast today - not too bad so far (had a coffee shake for breakfast then a choc bar for lunch) - but that is not a lot of food! Got really hungry about 3 but ate a couple of sugar free lollies and a Sprite Zero and seem to have passed hunger now (for a while anyway!). Took my measurements yesterday pre-Optifast - that gave me a fright - I am officially bigger and heavier than I have ever been - even weigh more than 37 weeks pregnant with twins -arrgggghhh!!! But that is in the past and every day now is a day of progress towards my slim self. A card I saw once said "inside every fat person is a thin person waiting to get out - I think my thin person may have suffocated" - hope mine is still alive and kicking!!

I'm looking on this period pre-op and before I have a fill (or fills) to get some restriction as another one of the diets I've been on - with the added bonus that this time when the scale goes down, it won't be going back up!!

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