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19 July 2010

Return to the gym

I've just got back to my office after my first visit to the gym in a loooong time. I did day 1 of the couch to 5k programme - I'm not a runner (although it is easier 20 kg down) and my aim is spin, pump and pilates in combo but I figured I should do some exercise first before killing myself on the bike. I'm feeling the post-exercise high at the moment while trying to eat some lunch. I've been tight the last few days. So far today I've had two coffees and then at 11 I managed a cup of porridge. I'm trying some tuna and crackers now - have had two (about 25g tuna and two small crackers and am full) - but still hungry. Will leave it for now and try again later. Not a bad thing to be a bit tight for a while (I'm not PBing - unlike my sister! see her post below!!- not yet anyway).


  1. Yoiks - yeah no pbing is the way to go. Go you for your exercise. I gotta get up and get my butt moving now.

  2. i love the couch to 5K program, it has made a runner out of me. I love running (most of the time) and it's a relatively quick way to burn a bunch of calories. Hope the tightness eases up a bit.