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11 July 2010

Long time, no post

No real excuses, just lots of lame ones - we were away for 5 days, it's winter and I'm cold, the dog ate my homework...really the reason I haven't posted is that I feel like I'm in a good space with the band and eating and weight and I don't really want to obsess about it - and blogging a lot can feed that obsession. I've had another loss (now less than 6 kgs from my goal and at a weight I haven't been at for 20 years!!). The band feels good - not too tight but tight enough. I'm reading and enjoying everyone's blogs, though. The only thing I'm still slacking on is exercise - I walk every day (to work, to the supermarket etc) but I haven't got back into regular sweating-type exercise - I must try harder!


  1. 6 Kgs to goal must be a great place to be....I fully understand the feeling that constant blogging (and therefore thinking about) the band and weight loss can get obsessive.

    Each to there own....

  2. Good to hear that you are doing so well!!! And so close to goal - congratulations :-)