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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

31 July 2010

There must be an invisible barrier currently halting my progress...

It's true! It seems there is some sort of invisible barrier at my current weight which is ensuring that I cannot go lower...! I feel like I have been on the same weight for so long it is making me frustrated. And just so you know, when I say I'm on the same weight - I only post a new weight when it goes down to a new low... I don't bother recording the ups and downs over a kilo or so that we have on a daily basis. But, I have looked back at my weight loss graph and this is not a new thing or the first time I seem to be stuck on the same weight but I am impatient and I don't like things to take too long. Hopefully my trip to the gym for a 2 hour endurance spin class this morning will start the ball rolling again. I must have been mad signing up for that class... and it started at 8:30am on a Saturday! Actually I really enjoyed it once I was there and I feel really good this afternoon - especially knowing I have burnt so many calories.

My friend Carolyn (who booked me into the class with her) and I plan to do a big cycle ride in November - it is 160km (about 100 miles) around the beautiful Lake Taupo here in NZ and we will ride as a team with me hopefully doing 60km so today's class was a great kick start to the serious training we need to do before that. My husband will again do the whole ride - he's a cycling nut - and we will be on the road with around 12,000 people. It's an amazing event and it's good to have a goal in mind to focus my training. I caught the cycling bug last year and Carolyn and I did our first cycle event in Januay this year - see my post from 1 Feb about that one.

With some extra exercise effort and focus I know I will see a new low number on the scales very soon!

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  1. The ride in November sounds like it will be fun and is a great goal to work towards.

    Keep at it, sometimes it takes a while for our bodies to figure out that it's ok to let go of the weight. I'm sure the extra exercise will get things moving again.