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31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

9.30 pm on New Year's Eve and I'm rapidly fading - once again I'll be in bed before midnight. Since I had kids staying up until midnight has lost its allure - knowing there'll be a 7.00 am wake up call no matter what. We've had a great night with old friends from out of town and their kids - and now we're winding down and cleaning up. Just wanted to wish all my blogland friends a great 2011. I don't have any big resolutions -but I would like to lost a last 3 kilos to get to goal - and if I stop all the holiday treats, I know I can do that. Peace, everyone - and bless the band!


  1. I thought of you both as they had the count down to NZ new year on the radio this morning, very random!
    Glad that you had a good evening, Happy new year!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I feel the same way! I probably will be in bed before midnight! My husband will call at 7 from England and that will be my New Years!!

  3. Alison - how funny that you thought of us when you heard the NZ countdown - I've often thought of you and the other UK bloggers when we've had news about the awful weather over there - blogging makes the world a smaller place.