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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

07 May 2010

Are you there, green zone? It's me, Maree

With apologies to Judy Blume - I think this is the green zone. Since my fill 8 days ago I am definitely not getting as hungry and can eat a little and feel satisfied. Also, as anyone who read my last post will have seen, I have to be careful what I eat and how I chew. And, best of all, I've had a decent loss - now only 9 kilos to go to goal. I went to see the nurse today but didn't have a fill - just a long chat as usual with everyone at the office (hello everyone at SOS!). Feeling positive and happy about how things are going - bought a new tunic dress yesterday (at Max, a "normal" shop) and had to go down a size! That felt great. Here's the tunic:

Wearing a lot of tunics, leggings and boots as we move into late autumn. I am really enjoying shopping this season where I pick what I want to wear instead of what fits and can buy cheaper things at "normal" shops.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Friday afternoon here and I'm feeling relaxed after taking a half day and having a massage and facial. I had a voucher from my birthday last year which was about to expire so it was a good excuse for some pampering.


  1. Massage and facial?! - heaven :-)

    Congratulations - you are so close to goal!

  2. Oh gosh - I love that combo.. tunics, leggings and boots... I have been wondering what to wear with long boots and you just solved that for me. Thanks. Bet you look just great too.
    BEST NEWS - only 9 kilos to goal??? Far out - champion!!! Fantastic news.

  3. Love the tunic dress, that's a great find. 9 kilos to goal is fantastic! Congrats.