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01 May 2010

BYOC via Drazil

1. What’s your favorite smell?

Clean laundry (especially sheets) straight off the washing line - they smell of sunshine - and then sleeping in newly washed sheets. There's a reason my family laugh at my laundry obsession.

2. What is your all-time favorite movie and why?

Hmmm, not a huge movie fan (if they're longer than 90 minutes I tend to get bored. Why are so many 3 hour movies being made? Do they really have that much to say?). Anyhow, Love Actually is a favourite - we watch it every Christmas Eve (well the girls do, anyway) before midnight mass.

3. What’s your trigger food?

Carbs - biscuits (cookies in the US), chocolate, scones.

4. When someone you love is going through a difficult time – what are your go-to words to make them feel better – in just a sentence or two?

Depends on the situation - but sometimes just saying "I don't know why this is happening" or "I was so sorry to hear your news" is better than a platitude.

5. This one is always the same. Who is your nominee for the blog of the week for YOU? Which blog OR comment touched your heart, spoke to you, stuck with you all week?

So many great blogs this week but definitely Roo's was very emotional - and brave.

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  1. I always buy clean linen scented them.