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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

16 May 2010

Focus focus... Moving on from Planet Plateau

I am working hard to keep my focus on the goal and moving on now that I have been stopped here on planet plateau to smell the roses for a while. I'm trying to be a bit more disciplined in the last couple of weeks - fewer treats and keeping up with my gym classes. Seems to be making small but satisfying downward moves on the scales. I was doing well till I was away for the last 5 days for work and I didn't keep the focus so much. Of course I can blame it on long work days, different time zones and arduous travel itineries but in reality it was probably just the gin and tonics and red wines I added to the end of my 15 hours work days which have halted my progress temporarily. I'm home now for a few days and back to focussing - I've booked in for the RPM (cycle spin) class tomorrow and will watch watch I put in my mouth as well.
I had a tiny (0.1ml) fill 10 days ago and it seems that I am in the right zone but I still need to keep a lid on my "head hunger". Focus, focus, focus!

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