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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

29 November 2010

Great concert and new dress

The U2 concert was fantastic - they were everything I hoped for and it was great to see them with family, including my two wonderful sisters.

The next morning I had some free time before I flew home so went shopping - was meant to be for Christmas presents but I ended up with a dress for me. Here I am in the toilets at work today (lovely background of the basins!):

And in other good news, despite the unfill, I had a new low on Saturday. All in all, a good week.


  1. Love the dress Maree - you look fantastic!
    (like the surroundings!)
    love Jen xx

  2. You look beautiful and sooooo slim !

  3. You are looking 'O' for awesome Maree! Well done, you are an inspiration to all.

    I have been following you and Jen in your journey and have finally decided it is time for me to do this as well. I am tired of fighting and continually arguing with myself about what I should and shouldn't be eating......I will be 'banded' on the 21st January, I am very excited and simply cannot wait for this to happen now.

  4. Debbie - well done on making that decision! You will not regret it - and you know who to ask if you have any questions. Looking forward to having another bandit on board!!!