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24 November 2010

Hungry again after unfill

Well, the unfill I had last Friday has completely fixed the problems I developed last week with PBing and acid reflux BUT I am now hungry again after months of not being hungry (except if I'd gone a loooong time without eating). Amazing what a difference .3 mls can make. I have an appointment for Friday 3/12 for a fill but may see if I can get in earlier. I can't go this week as I'm going away tomorrow for a night to see U2 - so excited! I had a ticket to see them in 1989 and couldn't go (showing my age now!) so 21 years later I'll finally see them. Can't wait!


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better - have a great time at the U2 concert :)

  2. oh I know the feeling!
    I was so used to not eating alot and always being satisfied but when i got my unfill all my hard work was undone because ive been starving!
    going for a fill today thank goodness
    have fun at U2! should be amazing!

  3. It really is such a fine line! Have fun at the U2 concert!

  4. I love me some U2! ROCK IT SISTER!

  5. Hope you get some fill back soon. But give it a rest. And know you won't gain back all that weight in a few days. Have fun at U2.