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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

19 February 2010

And finally the scale moves.....

Yes - after me moaning last time I wrote that I was really frustrated at being on same weight for nearly 3 weeks, all of a sudden the scale dropped 1.2kgs - overnight - well over 2 nights actually. Hallelujah! But it really does illustrate that it is not all about what you eat one day or how much exercise you do that day either - it is a cumulative effect and eventually the scales will catch up! I know we all know that is true but we are still surprised when it happens to us.

So of course the NSV's are even more important... and I have finally had some comments lately from people I am seeing that I am "looking great" and one yesterday who said "where has the rest of you gone?" That put a big smile on my face!

And they all ask - what are you doing? My standard response is "not eating much" - which is true of course but not the whole truth but some people just don't need to know and won't understand. However, I have told a few of my friends who are also in a constant (losing) battle with their weight about The Band. I think they deserve to know that there is no other way to do it.... no matter how hard you try to "diet and exercise" - it is not about having willpower. And I have encouraged them to do some research themselves. I know I am preaching to the converted but this band is fantastic!

I'm looking forward to my weekend.... I will be off to see my 21 year old son on stage in "Grease", soaking up some sunshine hopefully and will enjoy some bubbly to celebrate 22 years of wedded bliss to my husband and best friend, Greg. And it's time to get back out on the road on my bike after a couple of weeks off... can't wait!


  1. That's fantastic - and you give me hope!!

    My scales have been stuck for the last week or so and today I've stuck them back in the cupboard because I'm getting discouraged (which has always resulted in a pig out in the past!).

    I'm like you - I haven't told very many people about my band but yesterday a girlfriend came over who is really struggling with her weight. I just couldn't bear to have her think I was doing this through will power alone as I know how tough she is doing it. So I 'fessed up.

  2. OOOH nice NSV! I love it when people notice. It's even better when they say things like "Where has the rest of you gone?" Then you really know you are making progress!!

  3. Congratulations on the WL and the NSV''s so motivating when others notice!

  4. My scales haven't moved for a week either and little food is going in. I feel a bit better hearing others in the same predicament and will wait it out. I know it has to go down soon. Happy anniversary. Bet the bubbly was great!