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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

10 February 2010

Fill #4 due in 2 days

I'm booked to see the nurse about another fill on Friday. At first I didn't think I'd need it but the last few days I've definitely moved from the green to the yellow zone, thinking about food soon after meals and eating bigger meals. My weight loss has not only stopped but turned into a gain (small but still not happy). So I think I'll see about a small fill on Friday and see how that goes. I'm also premenstrual this week (sorry if that's TMI!) - and that always makes me hungrier. Anyway, I'm reminding myself that this is a long term game.

I did have a NSV this week, after complaining that noone had noticed my weight loss. Met a (thin!) friend for coffee. She said "something is different about you" - I suggested I'd had my haircut, "you've lost weight, you look great!" - it was good to have the loss noticed, even if it did take 14 kg!!

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  1. Great NSV!!!!

    Congratulations - hope this fill puts you in your 'sweet' spot!