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22 February 2010

To fill or not to fill...

I have an appointment to see the nurse on Friday for a possible fill - not sure if I need a fill or not - I've lost a kilo in 10 days since my last fill and I feel fairly restricted sometimes, but at others I could keep eating (like now!). Hmmmm - not too sure whether to go for a small amount (.2 mls?) or wait another week or so...I live and work really close (5 minutes walk) so it's no big deal to get there. I don't want to be too full but I want to keep losing....ah, the dilemma!

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  1. Maybe let the Doc know just what you said here and then he can decide lol... (they sometimes do that anyway, much to my chagrin, especially since I might have wanted one that appointment round...) Sounds like you COULD do with a squirt more though.. let us know what happens :)