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24 February 2010

Conspicuous non-consumption

The scene: lunch at a Malaysian restaurant with 3 workmates (we're friends but I haven't told them about the band). My food arrived first (chicken with peanut sauce, rice and salad). I started and was STILL eating when they had all finished their meals - plates wiped clean. My plate still had 99% of the rice (I'd moved it around a bit but not eaten it), almost all the salad and a little bit of the chicken..noone said anything but it was kind of obvious that I wasn't eating "as normal". These girls have known me for 10 years and I doubt I've left anything on my plate in that time!! Now two lunches in a row I've been last to finish and not eaten everything. Do they think I've got an eating disorder? Do they not care and I'm the only one who notices? I wonder how long it'll be before someone says something...

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