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18 June 2010

Random thoughts on a Friday

Friday morning and I don't have any coherent plan for this post so here are my random thoughts:

1. On the way to work I stop and get a coffee (regular flat white - an antipodean coffee speciality with a strong shot and milk - not fluffy though, more like a latte but stronger) - I love the smell of that coffee and as part of my aim to try to enjoy each day, when I get to my desk I take off the lid and just smell the coffee (literally, I am "waking up and smelling the coffee" - I am soooo funny).

2. I also love that the baristas at the coffee place know my order and my name - we are all members of the community of coffee addicts.

3. Last night I met Jenny for a wine and dinner - she was here for work. We had a great time. She is looking fabulous and we're both feeling great. When I say "dinner" I may be stretching the definition - we both ate half an entree (that's an appetizer, not a main meal - why is that different in the US?) then shared a dessert.

4. Today we're going to meet with the architect (again!!) to try to decide the scale of our renovations. The quotes for our first plans were crazy high so we're scaling back the plans - all a little unsettling and I just want to magically be finished and have the house as it looks in my imagination.

5. I have had some small losses this week so it's good to get the scale going again - also had another small fill yesterday (.1 ml) - feeling pretty good about where the band is right now.

6. I am at work so better actually do some work...


  1. hehehe - I'm the same with my coffee.

    The first thing I do on the morning after the kids wake me up is make myself a coffee.

    Not as fancy - but I use coffee bags (not sure if you have them in NZ) and I quite literally smell them before I make my coffee.

    It brings me such joy :-)

  2. I just love the smell of coffee. For some reason it doesn't ever taste as good as it smells. When we were in NZ (and OZ) we had a hard time figuring out the coffee we wanted. Both hubby and I drink it black and now can't remember how we ordered it. The one thing we did know was to NOT ordered what was called American Coffee. It was way too weak for us strong coffee lovers. And I loved how they make the coffee. Ours is all brewed as drip coffee. Rarely do we get the true steam forced coffee. It is everywhere in the world but North America. And one last thing-not sure why we in Canada also call them appetizers (or the new name-appies) but occasionally we see entree on the menu meaning the same. Sort of like lunch and supper and dinner. I say dinner for the evening meal, but growing up it was supper. At least it's English!

  3. Oh, I am totally with you - I CANNOT function without my first morning coffee - and now I'm often on the road traveling from client to client, I am also hitting the take-away variety cappuccinos lol. Love them.. nothing like it.

    Nice that you and Jenny caught up. Sisterly love :)