Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

26 June 2010


I see we have 47 followers - exciting! Thanks for Debi at for the mention!

I am following the pattern of a week of small losses followed by a plateau but it's all good - I'm down 21 kilos - that's 46 pounds (which sounds like more!!). I definitely have restriction - now I need to work with the restriction by not trying to keep on eating when I'm feeling full - I know it's a head hunger thing so I'm working on that one.

It's 11.45 am here and so far today I've had a coffee - and I'm just starting to think I may need something to eat - maybe some scrambled eggs, which I love and are definitely a go-to food for me when the band is tight.

It's a bleak winter's day here so we're having a quiet family day at home - may head out later to grab some food for lunch tomorrow (we're having friends over) - trying to decide on something band-friendly.

Hope everyone is having a good day out there in band-land.


  1. Yeah for the 21 kilos. Sound better in pounds-46! It's nice and warm here in the mid to high 20's. I hate winter.

  2. 46 pounds down is great. I go through a bit of mini plateau after I've had a good drop and am trying to not let it frustrate me as it is clearly the pattern. The scale has bearly moved in 2 weeks but I know that it eventually will, I'm really hoping it's this week. Have a good one.