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10 June 2010

Plateau again

I am on one of my usual plateaus - but I know it won't last and I'm not gaining so I'll just keep with the plan and trust that things will start moving again. I'm concentrating on eating protein and not carbs - have discovered Atkins Endulge bars with only a few grams of carbs if I need a sweet fix. Otherwise life is trucking along - winter has hit with a vengeance - it's rained 28 out of the last 32 days here!! Sick of it. Would love a warm mid winter holiday to look forward to (Fiji appeals) but that may be unrealistic if we go ahead with our major renovations (which of course have skyrocketed in price) - ahhh, decisions, decisions - a garage or sunshine?!

Chicken drumsticks and vegetables for dinner tonight (and rice for the rest of the family). Smelling good in the oven...

I see we now have 40 followers - exciting!


  1. I understand where you are with the winter blahs. Before we moved to Florida, that could have been our winter in New York! My husband hated it more than me and thats why we are in FL now! Keep doing what you are doing to break through the plateau. Maybe you can do some different form of exercise to shake things up a little?

  2. The plateaus are challenging aren't they? You'll get through it. When I was dieting pre band I would get very frustrated and fall off the diet wagon when I hit a plateau. Now, I know that the scale will start moving again and I don't have as much angst about it.

    Hope you get a few days of sunny skies.