Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

24 June 2010


I am still amazed at how unpredictable my band can be. For the last month or so I have been getting a bit hungrier and I have been able to eat a bit more of almost everything. I am seeing the nurse tomorrow and was planning to have a teeny tiny 0.1ml fill (no more big fills for me after the nasty Easter way-too-tight experience..). So just when you think you know how much restriction you have - along comes a day like yesterday! After being able to eat a butter chicken curry (not the rice) and a cheese naan for lunch on Tuesday, I could barely eat a thing yesterday... I seemed to have trouble with almost everything all day even protein bars.. it's so strange! And of course I was at an all day workshop with 20 other people and we were supposed to have a shared working lunch... I nibbled some bits but could feel the sliming start... not good. I managed to not deposit any of my nibbled lunch on the table but it was a bit touch and go for a while.

I am still planning to have the small fill - it's been 2 months since my last one and apart from yesterday I feel it is the right time. My weight loss has been very slow - 100grams at a time. It would be nice to see a big drop all at once but I guess as long as the trend is down it is fine.

On the plus side I have had heaps and heaps of comments from people recently about how "fabulous I am looking"..! It always brings a smile to my face.. I am sooooo happy about this band! It's amazing how many of them really think it might just be a new haircut which has made me look different! Still perhaps it is good that they didn't immediately think that I used to be a whale and now I'm more of a sealion!

It was great to see Maree last week and we had fun doing some clothes shopping as well - feels great to be able to buy clothes in a "normal" shop. And there seems to be lots of things that fit... so as Maree kept reminding me, these days there's no need to buy it just because it fits - there'll be plenty of choice elsewhere!

In keeping with the trend of unpredictability - after keeping my band fairly private and secret for the last 7 months, I seem to be telling almost everyone about it lately. They comment on how well I am looking and ask how I have done it - and I just can't seem to help myself - out it comes "I've got a lapband - best thing I have ever done!" As I have said before, I want people to know that it is not that I have just been lazy for the last 20 years or that I haven't ever tried to lose weight before, but I couldn't do it without this tool! Some are clearly surprised, some want to know more (and some really really need to know more!) and some seem shocked - again some of the reactions are unpredictable! Makes life interesting anyway!


  1. I too can't believe how different the band behaves daily. Some good, some bad. Hope I get to the point where I want to share with everyone about the band. I still have some close friends who I haven't told, but then right now their lives are too busy for me. Glad you are getting the compliments. Cara (The Dash) mentioned that by asking if we lost weight, people imply that we were fat in the first place. Funny, but we were. Still nice to have people mention it though.

  2. Hi! I am a new follower. It is so inspiring, your weight loss and doing it with your sister. Did you two compete alot? I wish I had a close band buddy like that. My band is the best decision I made, besides marrying my best friend, so I understand it when you say that. I have my own blog too... "This one time at Band Camp..." if you are interested in checking it out at *Maria*

  3. Jenny/Maree

    you should both be very happy with the boys for their performance in the World Cup....They were really unlucky to go out without losing. Both the Kiwis and the Aussies did well.....Lets bring on the Rugby World Cup next :-)