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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

10 December 2009

1 week till first fill...

It's an odd sort of limbo land at the moment.... in the morning the band is doing it's job and I am not very hungry when I wake... A flat white and half a piece of my beloved vogels toast and vegemite for breakfast can have me feeling full for hours. But by afternoon all hell breaks loose and I am really hungry with seemingly no restriction. I am having to be very disciplined to make sure I don't overdo it at night, especially since I have been out at rehearsal every night this week till late and am feeling hungry when I get home at 10.30 or 11pm. Don't want to end up eating a lot just before bed... want to avoid heartburn and weight gain!! I'm just staying the same weight wise this week which is OK I guess but I am really looking forward to our first fill next week and getting my band working for me again - all day!
In case you're wondering - we love to sing and have been involved in musical theatre all our lives so my rehearsals are for a Christmas dinner show called "80's Rewind". I'm doing backing vocals and a cameo appearance near the end singing a very appropriate song "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves"!! There are some tragic 80's songs but it should be lots of fun for audience and us - hopefully! Officially opens tonight so I'd better get ready.

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