Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

03 December 2009

Exercising Self Control

This feels a little more like diet days from the past than I would like but it is only for another 2 weeks until our first fill. I cannot eat the amount of food I would have for a meal before banding but I am having to consciously restrict myself to 3 small healthy meals. I could eat more and I feel hungry only a couple of hours after a meal but it is manageable. My weight loss is painfully slow this week but the net result is down a little so that's good. I went to my husband's work Christmas dinner in the weekend and enjoyed my first champagne and wine since surgery - it was definitely a celebration although I didn't tell anyone there just why! I was dreaming about how much I might have changed by the next Christmas party.... bring it on!

It is my work Christmas lunch tomorrow and as I generally work from home in a different city from the rest of my colleagues it will be the first time most of the people there will have seen me since I started this journey - it will be interesting to see if anyone notices. I'll keep you posted...

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