Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

18 December 2009

First fill - ouch!

Yesterday was my first fill (and Jenny's but she can tell you about her experience). First the surgeon, David, was happy with my weight loss - 9 kg on their scales (10kg on mine) - 7kg since surgery 5 weeks ago. He had told me after surgery that I had 4 mls in the band, but after the fill he told me it was only 3mls so with the 1ml fill yesterday I'm up to 4 mls. He said it can be hard to be sure exactly what the fill amount is during surgery.

Anyway, the fill itself - my port was easy to find (just above my tummy button) so he said he'd get the new nurse to do the fill. She had a feel around for the port and then had a poke around with the needle (eek!!). but couldn't find the base plate (the bottom of the port) and it was hurting quite a lot. I felt sorry for her and I know she has to train but in the end I said "ow!" and David took over - thank goodness! My next fill is in 4 weeks with the other (experienced!) nurse - hopefully if I need another fill wih the new nurse after that she'll have done a few more fills!

Anyway I think I may be closer to the green zone - haven't eaten much today (a flat white, half a cup of yoghurt, a couple of crackers with cottage cheese and tuna) and I'm not very hungry. We'll see. And I'm down more than 10kg! Very excited. And I finished work today for 3 weeks holiday! Even more excited!

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