Jenny's Weight Loss Progress

Maree's Weight Loss Progress

13 December 2009

Why are we waiting?

I haven't posted this week as there's really not much to post. Have been hungry soon after eating so definitely need to start getting some fills and see if I can hit the "green zone" - but have been to the gym this week (again) and worked hard (only got there twice with lots of Christmas things and work but that's better than nothing). Am also being careful with my eating - not drinking with or soon after meals and although I don't seem to have any restriction (or have very little) I'm eating as if I've have - small bites and sloooooow. Tonight we got pizza and I ate one slice (one!) - and some wedges - not a great choice but it was a treat for the kids and I was happy with myself that I only had a slice. My theory on eating after the band is that I don't want to count calories or obsess over every bite - I'm about eating a normal diet in small quantities - let's see how that works for me (as Dr Phil would say!!).

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