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18 December 2009

Filled and Full!

My first fill was an almost painless experience - I think I was lucky to have the surgeon do it himself and not the new nurse... judging by Maree's experience. I had 1ml added so now have 4mls in my band and it does feel different. David, the surgeon was happy with how I was doing - 12.7kgs since pre-op and 4.3kg since surgey. I am thrilled!

Had a drink of water in the surgeons room to make sure it went straight through and he told me to try some thicker liquid in the afternoon to make sure it was all OK before I travelled home later - didn't want to have a "stuck" experience and be 350km away. I had a smoothie - very slowly.... and I mean very slowly. I am certainly feeling full with very little food or drink. Long may it last.

The surgeon shared his "Christmas Story" with me and Julie the dietitian, which was basically that we should re-frame our thinking about Christmas (and other big occasions) as a time to get together and enjoy each others company rather than a time to be focused on what foods we can treat ourselves with. I think I am already in that space... especially given that there will be 17 of us in my house for the festive season and so far I have absolutely nothing organised in the way of food! Seriously... I am not normally this slow in preparing the menu and food lists and shopping lists but it just hasn't been a priority so far this year. As a family we have always said it is about us all being together and having fun. Given my current state of preparation, I hope they all still feel the same way!!

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