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31 December 2009

Festive Fun and Food....!

It has been noisy, emotional and fun here in my house with 17 of us filling our home for Christmas celebrations and family time. As always in our family get togethers, food has been a part of the days but perhaps not as much as in the past for me... which I have found quite interesting. Of course, I have over eaten or over indulged in treats most days since the family started arriving on 21st Dec but as I seem to have a reasonable level of restriction after my fill 2 weeks ago, I have still managed to lose some weight over the last 10 days - definitely a first for me at any Christmas time!
We do a family "thanksgiving" style around the table on Christmas day with everyone talking about the highlights of their year.... One of mine was my band - and the support of my "boys" for allowing me to spend the money and for supporting me on the journey. There are always tears when we do this (we get the "boo hoos" as my brothers call it) we are an emotional family and there has been a very serious health issue in the family this year - but it is a great way to reflect on what we have achieved and on the support of our loved ones.
It's the last day of 2009 and it has undoubtedly been a life changing year in many ways. I intend to welcome in 2010 with friends and family at a 50th birthday/new year's eve party. Bring it on!

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