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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

30 March 2010

And yet another fill - is this a record?!

Third fill in 10 days this morning - I posted about the .1 ml fill where I think I lost at least that, then last Tuesday I had another .2ml fill. This morning I had yet another .2 ml fill as I am still HUNGRY. Interestingly I should have had 6.7ml before today's fill but the nurse took out all the fluid before she started and I only had 6.0 ml - strange!! So I have 6.2 ml now in a 10 ml band so still a way to go. She said she would like to give me a bigger amount (say .6 ml) but as Easter is coming up and she's going away and so am I, she didn't want me to be overfilled and not able to get in for an un-fill. I'm comfortable with that - I certainly don't want to be in the red zone and although I'm frustrated that I haven't had a loss for a month, I realise this is a long term game so I'm trying to be patient.

Only two days of work until we're all off work and school for a week (then the girls have another week of holidays - they'll go to a holiday programme). We're heading up to see family (Mum and Dad and Jenny and her lot) on Friday - will be nice to have a break. I'm keen to go shopping and get some new clothes - though I don't want to spend too much as I hope these clothes will be too big soon as well - but I have hardly anything to wear and I think rotating the same three outfits has gone on long enough! I'm also going to eat some chocolate on Easter Sunday - only the good stuff and only one one day - hopefully that will limit any damage!!


  1. I hear you on the overfill over Easter. My doc said the same thing (actually, he said 'I will give you .25 again which is not too big BUT just in case you have problems theres still enough time to sort it before Easter so you don't have to suffer.) Smart thinking on your (and your docs) behalf going in small increments. Takes longer but its better for us.

    Have fun on your break. It sounds like you're going to have a blast with the family.

  2. Wow! 3 Fills in 10 days? The closest I can schedule a Fill is 3 weeks! And that is only with their approval! I have had 4 Fills so far and I have 5.6 cc's in a 10 cc Band. And no, I still don't have restriction!!

  3. Enjoy your holiday with the family and I agree with the fill, better to be safe than sorry! I have nothing in my 4 cc band and I hope my hunger stays where it is right now...I have none!

  4. He!! yes, that's a record!!! Good for you, and restriction will come! Have fun on your holiday!

  5. I hope this fill is the one. You are right about not wanting to be in the red zone. Hope you have a fun holiday. Oh I miss NZ so much.