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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

10 March 2010

Business as usual

I feel like I'm ticking along quite nicely at the moment - I'm still losing, not quickly, but the scale is moving downwards every week - I still have about 12 kg to go to my (first) goal weight but nearly 4 months into this lap band journey, I'm getting to know how to work the band. I still struggle with some old habits, but on the whole I am soooo pleased with the decision I made.

I went to a training course yesterday - lunch was wedges, pizza and pasta salad. Not very band friendly. I ate a couple of wedges (in very small pieces), the salmon off a piece of pizza and the roast vegetables out of the pasta salad - I doubt anyone else noticed, but if they did, they must have thought I was the slowest and pickiest eater in the world!

A NSV today when one of the other mothers at ballet commented that I'd lost "a lot" of weight - it's nice to get those comments since noone at work has said anything - 16.5 kgs down (that's about 36 pounds for our non-metric friends) and not one comment - weird (also weird that I can't spell weird, just took me 3 tries to get that right and it still looks wrong!).


  1. Must feel great to be more than half way to your goal!!

  2. lol weird is well, a weird word!

    Congrats.. wow only 12 kg to go? Amazing.. and a great NSV too! You're ticking along JUST fine!!

  3. Weird is spelled right now! Congrats on your weightloss and with working with the band. I find most people have no idea what I am eating as long as you spread it out and move it around the plate they don't really notice that we aren't eating.