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04 March 2010

Eating like a slim person

At lunchtime today I went to a cafe with a friend. Looking for something band-friendly I spotted a smoked chicken wrap in the cabinet and ordered that (it was about 10cm long). Turned out it was two wraps - in the old days I would have eaten it without a thought - today I automatically said to my friend "that's too much for me - do you want to share?". I ate like a slim person - yay me! Even stranger were the words which came out of my mouth afterwards "both would have been too much" - and I meant it! Pre-band I would have been eyeing up the slices afterwards. This is definitely a NSV for me. AND I've lost a kilo in the last few days - at last the scales are moving!


  1. one of the things about weightloss (especially after wls) is that the weight doesn't come off evenly. It tends to go in fits and starts.

    The best bit is, when you get frustrated (cos you do) and in the past would have eaten everything in the pantry, you can't! So that stops that!!

  2. Whoo - I love stories like this - it means we are finally getting a grasp on 'eyes are bigger than our stomach' syndrome. Mind you, I still do it sometimes lol... like today. Congrats - awesome thing to realise and actually carry through.

  3. I can't wait to have that feeling of eating like a slim person. Just enough food to keep us alive. Good for you!