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01 March 2010

When will the scale move?

I'm getting sick of seeing the same number on the scale every morning - I know that it will move if I keep eating the right food in the right amount but sometimes it's hard to believe it - I've been at this weight before and part of me wonders if this is as good as it gets - I know that doesn't make sense but I'm getting frustrated - arrghhh! I've never been good at waiting!

So I'll try to find some positives - we took the kids swimming in the weekend and I caught a glimpse in the mirror in the changing rooms while I was in my togs and I can definitely see a difference - so that was good to see! And in non-weight related news, I managed to teach one six year old to float in the pool - so that was a definite positive (her twin sister had worked it out already this summer and was doing her best fish imitation!). It was great to see how proud they are of themselves as they learn to swim...I spent years swimming (training and competing) and I'd love it if my girls enjoyed the water as much as I do.

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  1. I went through this too - a while back. Every day I kept seeing the same number, over and over and over and ...... it drove me NUTS! I went back to basics.. found I wasn't eating enough and upped the calories to 1200. Maybe this will work for you too. It did for me.. I had scale movement within two days I think. :) Hope it starts going down again soon, nothing worse than being frustrated.