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12 March 2010

Adjusting.... me and my band!

It's 2 weeks now since my last fill and my band has often seemed really tight since then... especially in the morning and even through to mid-afternoon. I know from Maree and your blogs, that most bandsters have that 'tight in the morning' sensation but before the last fill I didn't really notice it. Now though I am having to adjust my eating pattern and I'm finding it more of a challenge than I had imagined. I think it is just getting my head around the fact that just my beloved flat white coffee first thing in the morning will actually be enough for me to not feel hungry till I can comfortably eat something later on. My head is still saying 'you had better eat some breakfast' - after years of learned diet-habits, to ensure I always ate 3 meals a day especially breakfast, as skipping meals was always seen as a bad idea!

The end result has been that horrible uncomfortable tight/stuck feeling every morning and often at lunchtime as well. And then I haven't eaten enough during the day which means I am hungry and I snack all evening - it has to stop! The last day or so has been a little better as I have tried to work with the band a bit more instead of using my head for signs it is food time. I did wonder if my band is too tight but it seems OK in the evening so I'm not sure that is the problem. I'm a bit frustrated with myself and of course because of this and my poor food choices, I am not losing anything.

So as I said - time for an adjustment - but this time it is me who needs adjusting not my band. I am sure I can get this right... I just need to listen to my body and not my head!


  1. It is hard getting used to a new eating routine after doing the old for so long. I'm the same - flat white in the morning and 'breakfast' is more brunch lol. The coffee is good for warming up the band for food too! Keep plugging :)

  2. I have the breakfast problem too so I skip it all together and just have a protein shake. It gives me nutrition I need, extra potein for the day, and taste great. I know alot of people dont like them but I have found one that feels like a treat to me. I dont know if your nutrition or cal intake allows for it but it is another thought :) Plus it gives you a sorta full feeling if you need that I have something inside feeling in the morn.

    I am having do do alot of mental adjusting too! It is hard when you have sppent your whole life learning "diet rules" then having to flip it all into a new way of living. Remember to forgive yourself for your mistakes though. If you were learning to walk and you fell do you think someone should beat you up? No! thats why its called learning sweetie! *BIG HUGS* You will get it all evened out and feel amazing soon :)

  3. I'm just two days from my first fill and am having the same problems. Major PB'ing yesterday morning on a few bites of quiche and that was after my two mugs of coffee. Today, I had coffee and then a protein shake as I was hungry. I don't know if anything solid will go down for lunch but I have soup anyway. I just need to learn. One doc said in his book that if you don't want to eat breakfast-don't. All these years of advice, we need to just listen to our bodies.