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02 March 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Greetings from "Birthday Central" where is it all about me today since I am the Birthday Girl! I'm 47 years old today and feel better than I have on most of my birthdays for the last 20 years.. I'm certainly lighter and feeling pretty good about myself. I've taken the day off work and have been socialising with coffee dates and a birthday lunch date with friends... I'm loving ME day! I am a little concerned about how many wrinkles have now appeared on my face... see my self-photo taken just now on our new home computer!

I didn't actually eat much at my birthday lunch - I finally had a fill on Friday of 0.5ml - and now my band seems very tight - maybe too tight... I am in 'wait and see' mode as I really felt I needed it but now I can't seem to get much down at all and I am feeling hungry cos I am not eating enough. This really is a balancing act isn't it.

More birthday celebrations are planned for tonight with a couple of friends dropping in for a bubbly later and my boys and I are going out for dinner. Yes - food and drink are still a big part of my social life and celebrations... but the best part is that this year I know I won't be 2 kgs heavier when I get up tomorrow!

I'm so looking forward to the year ahead... and being healthier and slimmer. Lets hear it for the Band!


  1. Happy Birthday!! And congrats - what a great feeling knowing your 47th year is going to be fun filled and you're slimmer! Hope you get spoilt!!!

  2. Have a wonderful Birthday and all the best for the year ahead!

  3. Hell, I'm such a bad friend! Happy belated birthday from David Jones for lunch foodhall! You look fanfarkingtastic!

  4. Oh and Susan says you need to come up here for a holiday at Easter