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22 March 2010

Getting impatient

I really want to start losing again - had another small fill last Friday but it was a new nurse (again!) who seemed really nice and was supervised by one of the surgeons (as apparently my port is so easy to find because I "don't have much abdominal fat" - strange but still nice NSV!). The fill was .1 ml and as she took the needle out "some" fluid came out - so they put the .1 ml in again but I wonder if I've had a net loss as I'm feeling hungry and today I ate both a bagel and some rice (I know, I know) - I have another appointment for next week but think I'll try to make one sooner.

Otherwise I had a great weekend - went to the races (horses that is, not cars or whatever else races) on Saturday with a group of girlfriends - a whole day out without the kids or husbands - and we cut loose. We were in a "girls day out" tent for lunch etc with fashion parades and competitions as well as the horse races. I won a $200 shoe voucher - great score! And tried Zumba and salsa - a few wines definitely helped! All in all a great day. Here I am looking a little crazed with the MC for the day (a minor celebrity here in New Zealand - he's a TV weatherman - very nice guy, although I think we look like we're in a toothpaste ad!).


  1. Great picky :-) Sounds like you had a fantastic day!

  2. lol I thought he was 'The Rock' at first - but hey, toothpaste ad or not you guys look great.

    I hear you on the bagel and rice - been doing a bit of that myself. Feels so weird when it actually goes down. You are looking FAB!!!

  3. I thought he was 'the rock' also! I really enjoy reading yours and your sisters blog!

    Off to Mexico today for my band!