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04 January 2010

Feeling hungry again...

Seems the honeymoon post-fill feeling of satiety is wearing off... and I am feeling hungry again within an hour of eating. So much so that I just seemed to eat all day on Saturday... every hour I was back at the fridge or the cupboard for crackers, cheese, dips, toast, berries, bacon, chocolate etc etc.... Perhaps it is just that the house was quiet again and I was bored but it sure felt like hunger. Needless to say I have not lost any weight in the last few days. I did go for a 2 hour cycle ride yesterday - part of my training for the 60km ride I am doing as part of the "Around the Mountain Cycle Challenge" on 30th January - which hopefully burnt some of the excess calories off! Luckily I did not fall off this week, after leaving large chunks of my elbow on the road last weekend with 2 unceremonious crashes when I couldn't get my feet unclipped fast enough.
I have another week of holiday before I am back at work and with any luck we will get some sun and be able to enjoy some time at the beach. I haven't had my swimsuit on since I started losing weight but I'm guessing it will be a little less scary for the other people on the beach than before... I let you know if any one screams!

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