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20 November 2009

7 Days banded - Yahoo!

Hard to believe that it is a week already since we were banded. It has all gone well for me - operation was uneventful and I felt pretty good after theatre on the day, must be that I am a surgery junkie with this being my 4th anaesthetic in the last 18 months. I flew home the day after surgery once Maree and I had been discharged and had planned a few days at home to "rest". Not a lot of rest was had actually with lots to do as my friend and neighbour died while I was in hospital (cancer beat the 46 year old mother of 8 and 10 year old girls - soooo sad!) and helping out there and doing a reading at the funeral. But I seemed to be able to do everything I needed to in spite of only having a few small protein shakes and soup to eat. I have even been to the gym and done a spin class on day 5 post-op but I'll wait another week before I do a pump class with weights!

It is so odd not to be feeling hungry really.... I am still a bit confused about whether I need to eat or I'm just interested in some texture. I am really sick of the fluid consistency we have been restricted to for the last week and looking forward to some mash. I was going to wait til tomorrow but after a conversation with the dietitian today she says we can start tonight. I don't need to be told twice - scrambled eggs here I come!

I have lost 2.1kgs this week bringing the total so far to 9.4 since my pre-op consult and I am at a low point I haven't been able to get to for 20 years!!! It is amazing and I am so pleased I have done this. Long may it continue....!

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