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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

24 November 2009

Mushies and more mushies

Trying to work out what day postop I am, 11 I think. Started mushies on the weekend - sooooo good to "eat" something - have been having scrambled eggs, mashed baked beans with cottage cheese, mashed veges and chicken thigh with gravy, weetbix - all good. No problems so far and still losing - down 7.5kg since preop (3 weeks ago) and 4.1kg since surgery day. Had what the other bandits I've been reading call an "NSV" (that's a non scale victory for those of you playing at home) - wore my jeans for the first time since surgery on the weekend and they were loose! Admittedly these are the jeans I had to buy this winter when I put on 5 kg - but yahoo!

Scars/wounds are going well - small and healing well. What else? Went to the gym yesterday - and walked and ran (well jogged slowly - very slowly!) on the treadmill doing day 1 of week1 of the Couch25k programme. Bit sore today but not too bad.

I'm getting some more interest back in food - still happy with fairly small portions but definitely thinking about food a little more than last week - as expected. First fill due on 17 December - may be willpower for part of that time, but that's okay.

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