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19 November 2009

Day 6 and soooooo over liquids

Can't wait to start mushies on Saturday - I'm not 100% sure if week 2 starts tomorrow (a week from the op) or Saturday but I'll err on the side of caution and have another day of liquids tomorrow. Really looking forward to more savoury food - shakes and smoothies are all so sweet. Have had soup every night but that's getting old, too. Made cheesy broccoli soup tonight - thinned with lots of trim milk - was tasty. Feeling full now which seems weird as all I've "eaten" today is 1/2 a sculpt protein shake, a drinking yoghurt, a flat white and the soup.

Wounds are looking good - more like scars now. A few small bruises around the larger one and a couple of random bruises on my stomach - did someone lean on me?!! - but no pain except a few shoulder tip pains every now and then.

Made it under the the milestone 10kg mark - never want to see that number on my scale again!

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