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Maree's Weight Loss Progress

17 November 2009

Liquids, liquids and more liquids

Day 4 postop and all is going well. I started not really wanting to drink anything but felt really weak. Once I made sure I drank something with some calories I felt better. I've lost 2.8kg since the morning of surgery (4 days) - that kind of loss won't last but I'll take it for now! So 6.1kg down so far since the beginning of the preop diet - another 200 grams gets me under a milestone 10kg figure - which I never want to see again!! Lots of exclamation marks in this post - I must be excited...

Today is my last day off work - would enjoy another day at home but as I haven't told work about surgery (yet? - that's another post) - and I've taken annual leave so far, I'll go in tomorrow. I work 8 - 2.30 then pick up the kids from school so hopefully I'll cope okay. Otherwise I'll come home for a rest at lunchtime. I'm dreading my emails when I get in - everyone always seems to need everything urgently when I take a couple of days off work - I don't think I'm that indispensable!! Or maybe I am...

Took my steristrips and dressings off this morning. Tried doing it in the shower but felt a little nauseous at the thought so decided sitting down was better! They all (5 incisions) look great - 4 teeny tiny ones and 1 larger (maybe 2 cm) above my tummy button - I have a band aid on that one and on one on the left which is not quite so closed up.

Had a good day today. Went to the movies, Julie & Julia - loved it and all the food didn't make me hungry. Normally I'd watch a food movie and then want to replicate the great dishes. This time, I wasn't bothered. Got a protein shake on the way out and have taken the afternoon to drink that. Soup for dinner, I think. Looking forward to mushies on Saturday - eggs definitely.

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