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26 November 2009

Is this Bandster Hell?

OK - so almost 2 weeks since surgery and I am definitely hungry again now....! I wasn't sure if it was just that I was interested in food since we can expand our diet that made me think about it a lot but it sure feels like hunger! Not as bad as the pre-op diet days when I almost ate small children and pets in a 10 metre radius of me but definitely thinking about what to eat next. I guess this is the infamous Bandster Hell I have read about! And so I need to be careful because it would be easy to consume the wrong things. Well - it would be easy to get them in - not sure if they would stay down. I haven't tried anything too adveturous yet but I did have one of my favourite foods for breakfast today - vogels toast with vegemite - it was heaven! It is still another 3 weeks till our post-op consult and the first fill so I will need to turn to will power to get me there and to keep up the awesome progress I've made so far.

It's so great to have Maree on this journey with me... we can compare notes, congratulate each other on our success, and offer advice and support when hunger sets in. I think I am going to need it during the next 3 weeks!

I'm doing well - been back to the gym doing RPM/Spin classes since day 5 post-op and my 5 small wounds are healing well. I've been back at work since then as well including some travel for work. I made sure I took some protein shakes with me so I wouldn't have to worry about what to eat. I have lost 10.5kgs since my pre-op consult... it's incredible.

Only 4 weeks today till Christmas - just imagining what weight I might be by then is making me smile. And of course I will have had my fill by then so should be out of Bandster Hell. Can't wait!

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