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14 November 2009

Banded at last!

Home from the hospital today after being banded yesterday morning. Went in at 6.45, was out of surgery by 8.40am, one of the first things I remember is Jenny being wheeled into recovery. From my notes it looked like I had some pain as I was given morphine but I don't remember any of that. Was soon back in my room (next door to Jenny's) drinking my 30mls of water an hour for the first 4 hours and sucking on ice chips. Was parched - didn't feel too flash the rest of the day - not too much pain but nauseous a couple of time (some drugs fixed that) and just felt better lying down. Talked to the darling husband, Mum and our other sister on the phone. Jenny visited and sat and watched TV in my room while I reclined. A bit of sleep last night and I feel good today - surgeon came and checked on us this morning and we were discharged about 10am - home for the first (small) protein shake (about 1/4 cup) and a trim flat white - couldn't drink all the coffee but infinitely better than the instant coffee we drank at the hospital - only to find out there is plunger coffee but it's hidden!!!

Went to my girls' ballet concert at lunchtime - coped fine and they were gorgeous, of course. Had another half cup of protein shake then a small lie down for about an hour when we got home. Am just making some chicken broth - a bit sick of sweet flavours.

Can't believe I'm actually banded! Was a pretty smooth experience and much better for having Jenny there with me. We are going to work our bands and support each other in this exciting, scary journey.

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