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28 January 2010

3rd fill tomorrow

It's nearly 2 weeks since my second fill (1ml to get to 5mls) and I'm scheduled to have another fill at 9.15 tomorrow morning and to see the nutritionist afterwards. I need a fill - I've had very little restriction (just a "stuck" feeling for 10 seconds a couple of times when eating bread or rice too fast - am I meant to be able to eat bread and rice? I don't think so) and I'm only staying full for a couple of hours, as well as being able to eat fairly big meals. I've lost about 1.5 kilos since the last fill, which is great, but I think another ml or so will help.

It's a beautiful summer's day here, I've just picked up the kids from a school holiday programme and they're outside eating ice blocks - think I'll join them.

Thanks to all our new followers - if your profile has a link to a blog, I'm following you now as well. It's nice to be part of the "bandit" community.


  1. Good Luck to you tomorrow. Hope this fill puts you at your "sweet spot."

  2. Come on down the end of school hols!! We only have a few days left now - they go back Tuesday the 2nd Feb. Wow, 7 weeks is a LONG holiday!

    Hope the restriction kicks in for you. I can't eat bread but I can eat rice lol. Go figure.

    I'm not sure my pic has a link so I will put it in for you: come over and have a look.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow, Tamara. Fingers crossed I get the nurse with the magic needle, not the new one who practiced on me the first fill!

    The Dash (Cara?) - I can't wait for the school holidays to finish - Wednesday 3rd here. The girls are definitely ready to go back. I work 30 hours a week so it's a real juggle. I'm going to try to save enough leave this year to take January off next year. Love your blog, by the way.